Board of Members:


Corneilius Scott
Executive Board Member

Corneilius Scott, is the executive whose vision has shaped the Family Survivor Network. Corneilius has over 25 years of professional training. As executive director for Mothers of Murdered Sons and Daughters, he brought national attention to the organization including mentions in the Christian Science Monitor and developed the organizations model for survivor support.

Corneilius was impacted by violence on August 3, 2014, when his son was a victim of a hand-gun assault. His son survived. That experience inspired his passion, advocacy and support for families impacted by such tragedy..

Friends of the Valley

Dr. Richardson and Pam Stein
Board Member

Please meet Dr. Richardson and Pam Stein. They will be working shoulder to shoulder with families who have survived the murder of a loved one. They will weave their knowledge and training in to the support groups, offer workshops and lectures, and be available for individual counseling.

Dr. Richardson's academic training is extensive. In 1964 he earned a B.A. degree from Mississippi Industrial College, 1968 a Master of Divinity, 1981 Master of Science from Loyola University, and 1994 a Doctorate of Ministry from the Graduate Theological Foundation. He is also a graduate of the United States Army Chaplan School and the Veteran' Affairs Chaplain School.

Friends of the Valley

Dr. Gloria Calhoun Scott
Superintendent Board Member

Dr. Gloria Calhoun Scott serves as the superintendent of the East Orange Public School District. She is responsible for curricular, operations, governance, and fiscal oversight for approximately 10,000 students in 22 schools and 12 collaborating daycare centers

Dr. Scott endeavors to work with educational leaders, teachers, and community representatives to review and/or modify policies and curricula that will ensure all students are “Rising to a Standard of Excellence” in the East Orange School District.


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