Phyllis SCOTT

My son, Malcolm Pridget was born 1 25 93. Despite being one of my youngest children, he thought he was the oldest. He tried to push up on all his siblings around. And although he was the smallest you couldn't tell him any different than he was the biggest. He was my baby. Things weren't always easy for me raising him and his seven siblings.

Malcolm was not perfect, but Malcolm did not deserve murder. My son was hand cuffed and beat to death. The murder ribbed his siblings Keya, Stephen, Tyrek, Markez, Phillip, Niya, Maal, Trelle, Quan and Ken of a Brother.

The road the healing has been a challenge. The providers at Family Support Network have been there for me and my family.

I have come a long way since Malcolm was murdered. I spend my time helping others that are struck with this tragedy.

I am known all over the city because of my vocal gun advocacy. Healing begins with support that gets you through the pain. Pain. Passion. Purpose.

KeKe Collins

My son, Donta' Collins was born 2/11/94. He grew up in the ParkHeights Community. This is my community, the same community where I grew up as a little girl. Danta' was an Awesome Basketball Player. He was a local Star.

My life changed July 31,2016 when Donta' was shot to death. The murder changed my life forever. The murder robbed my other sons, Darius Wilkes and Darrell Collins of their big brother.

I was crushed. I was lost. I could not bear the pain alone. I reached out for support. Support is definitely necessary on this journey of healing. I am grateful that there are organizations as the Family Survivor Network.

I am a survivor. I have good days and I have bad days. I am thankful for the support I receive from FSN.

Today, I offer support to other survivors through collaboration with FSN and through my own organization, 'No Other Mother'.

We are here for you!

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