• Support Groups

    Much of the strength of our community comes from our network of peer survivors. Though no single loss can truly compare to another, your fellow survivors understand what you are facing better than anyone else. Our Family House hosts weekly sessions for survivors to come together as a grou[ to share experiences and support.

  • Individual Counseling

    While losing a loved one is always hard, survivors of homicide experience uniquely complicated emotions and challenges. Our clinically trained grief specialists are available for individual counseling at your home, online, over the phone, or at our Fulton Avenue Family House.

  • Holisitc Healing

    Family Survivor Network offers a wide range of evidence-based holistic and complimentary practices. Our self-care programs and wellness retreats aid in healing the physical and emotional pain and stress that burdens survivors.

  • Youth Services

    We engage youth in grief and bereavement groups and services, uses art, and provides home visits and case management.

  • Court Preparation and Accompaniments

    Trials and other court proceedings can be difficult to face. You do not have to do it alone. FSN can help you understand what to expect, prepare you for the days ahead, and will be available to join you in the courtroom.

  • Case Management

    Our case management program helps families identify and connect with existing services available through our community partners. We are trained to work with a wide range of public and private agencies in order to navigate the many barriers survivors face when seeking medical, emotional, financial, legal, and vocational support.

  • Art Therapy

    FSN knows the powerful role art, dance, and music therapy play in healing from trauma. As no two people grieve the same way, we want to offer you as many tools as we can to help you express and deal with your loss.

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